Hi, I'm Justin, I'm a WordPress Professional From Cape Town 

So how exactly can a WordPress professional help you? I make awesome websites suited for you or your business. but not only that. First answer this...If you could have a single dedicated person to take care of anything internet & web related would you? Well, no more searching, I'm your guy! I can help with web design, web development, social media, hosting, email, google business, online marketing, online store, the list goes on...I'm here to help you!

I have been a WordPress professional, creating websites for four years. However, two years ago I decided to take my passion and make it into my work. In the short time that I've been doing this I've worked with many clients of which whom I've created strong relationships with and shared much success.You can take a look at my clients here and see what they have to say. If you'd like to see what I've created, you can also see my portfolio. Le's begin shall we?

Getting Started Is Easier than ABC! This Is How It Works...

1) Contact Me
Send Me an Email or call me (You can find my contact details Here) and I will get back to you in no time to start the process of solving your web porblem. 

2) Define The Scope
We'll meet online or in person and determine the scope of the projecrt you would like, together. Collaborartion is key! From here I'll determine the cost and the time frame in which the project will be completed.

3) Hire Me

Once we've met and determined the scope all that is left is to confirm my estimate and walla, we can begin!

Browse My Portfolio

SME Web Design - Cape Town

SME Web design is a small business based in Plumstead, Cape Town. Although the name suggests this business focusses on web design, this is only part of what SME Web Design provides. Essentially they provide online solutions for small businesses. This includes, websites, social media management and marketing, email marketing, SEO. To view the website click the link in the heading.

CJSA - Cape Jewish Seniors Association

CJSA is based in Sea Point of Cape Town however it has multiple branches in and around Cape Town. CJSA promotes the interests and well-being of senior citizens in Cape Town. To enable and empower seniors to remain active and independent as part, and not apart from, the community in which they live. If you would like to visit this website please click the link above in the heading.

Staffwise - Recruitment Agency

Staffwise is a recruitment agency based in Gardens Cape Town. Staffwise is committed to tackle unemployment in the city of Cape Town. Staffwise is a job centre that offers services to employers, job seekers, self-employed, interns and volunteers. To view this website please click the link above in the heading.

Listen to what my clients have to say...

Justin built us a fantastic looking and functional website in no time. His support is always fantastic. We highly reccomend
Director / Staffwise
Justin was great to work with as he always made himself available to help and did a stellar job in doing so. We continue to hire Justin
Anne Marx
Administrator / Jewish Communty Services
Justin worked well and quickly. He responded to feedback and delivered my work quickly. I will re-hire in the future.
Victoria Z
Elance (Upwork Employer) / Independent

Contact A WordPress Professional

Cell: 0723421920

Email: justinlevitt12@gmail.com

Office: Cape Town, South Africa

My Websites: Guitar Pick Zone