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 UK Tour | 21 - 29 July 2017 | PART 1 

Since the last time I updated the blog we have played two gigs in London on two separate occasions. Both of these gigs were an absolute blast and we played exceptionally well and once again blew the crowds away. Part 1 focuses more on the first gig adventure. I will update Part 2 very soon which highlights the second gig adventure

The first gig was at the Finborough Arms in the basement which has an intimate but awesome venue. After the gig myself, Marc and Rubin missioned around London finding our way back to Woking where our new friends happily hosted us for a second time. Finding our way back to Woking was an absolute adventure having to take late night busses as well as the last train of the night which was exceptionally lively to say the very least. What an experience! 

We then came back home to Buckingham for a bit and to get ready for a big gig at the New Cross Inn on the 27th July. This was a big gig for us as we headlined the show with 4 other bands on the bill. We had a fantastic gig and got the crowd dancing like crazy! Pictures coming soon for this gig, don't have them yet. 

On our long Journey from Buckingham to London we ended up taking a red bus through central London as well as exploring WImbledon, the area in which our UK agent lives. 

Outside the Finborough Arms

Live at Finborough

Walking through Wimbledon

This shop is actually called "Morrisons" but in Wimbledon it's called "Murray wins"

Wimbledon Station

South African shop that sells all the stuff from home.

Outside FInborough Arms

Missioning late at night with all our gear to get back from the gig to Woking

Woking station in the morning on the way back home to Buckingham

Country side on the way back to Buckingham from London

Keep an eye out for Part two which I will update in the next day or so. Just waiting for pictures from the photographer from our gig at new cross inn. 

 UK Tour | 12 - 20 July 2017

Hello everyone! My apologies for only updating the blog now. I have been settling into the UK life, having a good time.

Since my last post, we have played another two shows. One in Camden town at the Dublin Castle and a second gig at the Buckingham university (the town where we are based).

London is another world! From the little I have seen so far, I would have to say Camden is probably my favourite place in London so far! At the Dublin Castle in Camden, we found out that Paul Mcartney's house was just up the road from us. Not only that, but Abbey road was also just around the corner.

We played at the Dublin Castle which has seen legendary musicians play there such as Amy Winehouse, Madness ands Blur just to name a few. There were a lot of bands playing that night but we outplayed everyone and got a great response.

Whilst in London we were staying at a friends house in Woking/Surrey. Very nice area! We will be staying there this weekend (21-23 July) again. Thanks Russ and Jen for hosting us in Woking! Down the road in Woking/Surrey we found a biltong shop which was a nice piece of home.

Outside the Dublin Castle In Camden with an ex South African, David who has been living in London for 17 years. We are one of his favourite bands of all time.

Arriving at Waterloo Station in London

On the Tube for the first time

Camden town


More Camden!

I think this is in Clapham London

Camden with our fan David from SA

Inside Dublin Castle Venue

More Inside Dublin Castle

Picture of Amy Winehouse at the Dublin Castle Camden

Green Room (Backstage) Dublin Castle

Making our mark on the wall

On Stage At Dublin Castle

Poster up for the Camden gig

That pretty much sums up our first trip to London which included gigs at the Bedford in Balham and The Dublin Castle in Camden.  

After London we headed back "home" to buckingham.  We then had a gig at the university in Buckingham. Once again there were a lot of bands and we outplayed them all. They seemed shocked that a South African band could sound so international. 

Soundcheck at Buckingham Uni

Pass for the uni gig

backstage at the uni gig

I had to share this pic. Most pubs are dog friendly so they have made a plan.

 UK Tour | 10 - 12 July 2017

RTR's First Gig in the UK! (This was soundcheck)

A lot has been going on in the last few days. We ventured out of Buckingham to London for our gig and will now be here till Friday the 14th.

So far we have been in Clapham, Balham and Woking/Surrey in London and it already is such an amazing city! We haven't even gotten close to Zone 1 yet! We are currently staying in Woking until we return to Buckingham on Friday.

As you all probably know by now, my bag didn't arrive after a few days of being in the UK. Yesterday was a particularly frustrating day as my bag still did not arrive from the Airport. Needless to say it has been delivered and it is in the past now.

As we got to London we went straight to a band room right beneath the Clapham Junction station (which is apparently one of the busiest in the UK) to warm up for the gig at the Bedford.

Our gig at the Bedford was absolutely awesome. Such an old venue and such a historical one too. There is a green room at the back with artists who signed the wall. Ed Sheeran's signature is on the wall. Pretty cool! and now so is Red Tape Riot! I don't have pictures yet of this but I will get it from Marc's GoPro.

People responded very well to our short set last night and we are looking so forward to playing in Camden on Thursday night.

Having a Braai in the park in Buckingham. Typical South African's making a plan within a day of being here

First time in London. This is the door to the band room beneath the Clapham Junction station.

Also outside the band room in Clapham.

Practicing beneath the Clapham station

The Stage at the Bedford in Balham just before soundcheck

RTR's First Gig in the UK at the Bedford in Balahm (soundcheck)

On the train late at night after our gig. Going from our gig in Balham to where we are staying in Woking.

From our window in Woking

My bag when it arrived!!!


UK Tour | 9 July 2017

Flying Into Amsterdam

Green Fields of Amsterdam

Flying Over The River Thames into London City Airport

Arrived in the UK safely yesterday but the idiots in Amsterdam didn't send my bag through to London. Oh well, I hope it comes through today (Sunday) or the latest, tomorrow.

We are now in Buckingham  and is a beautiful little English town. We are staying right in the centre of Buckingham and there are a fortune of little pubs and takeaway shops. Last night we went on a little pub crawl around the town and went for a walk around the little parks at 10pm at night with a beer in hand and a blue sky.

Pub by the park on a stream. Lots of people walking their dogs.

It is very hot here despite the cloud cover.

My Room is the top right window.

Buckingham. Old English village